Hi, thanks for stopping by. I'm Gwen, a wife, mom, photographer, dog lover and jigsaw puzzle enthusiast. I love to dabble in all things allowing me to explore my creative side, especially if I get to wander outdoors.
Family led me to my passion for capturing the beauty of everyday life. There's nothing like listening to Grandma tell stories about the photos on her walls.
I love the art of documenting. It all started with a sketch book that I earned for all A’s on my report card. Then, sure enough, I got a disposable film camera and never looked back. Specializing in lifestyle photography, my camera gives me endless opportunities to document varying events and life’s milestones. From playing peek a boo to “run towards each other and embrace like a rom-com scene.”  It’s a joy to find that natural state.

I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography and Intermedia from Western Michigan University.  While attending school, I worked 3 jobs, leaving no time left in the day for homework.  Good thing creativity is one of my strong suits. This is when I discovered my love for shadows at night.  It makes beautiful high contrast images when using streetlights, moonlight, and car headlights as my light source. Don’t even get me started with light painting. I can do that for hours. 
My work has been exhibited at Western Michigan University and Art Prize 2015. You can find my art at local events or here on Etsy.
I would be honored to meet and work with you. Your vision is my focus. Connect with me via the contact page or follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Let's fill those walls and share your families’ stories.